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 I-Taweh is a modern-day manifestation of Rastafari music that evolved from Count Ossie’s music encampment in Rockfort, Jamaica. It was here that the Mystic Revelation of Rastafari (MRR) was born. I-Taweh performed for many years as a vocalist and musician for the MRR before establishing his solo career. His upcoming album entitled “RELOAD” is a solid work reflecting the spiritual and deep musical convictions of Rastafari music.  


CD Album Tracklisting:

01 Danger Zone

02 Reggae Lion

03 Another Bram Bram

04 One Day

05 Home Sweet Home

06 Sunshine In My Eyes

07 Rolling Stone

08 No Mediocre Vibe

09 Reload

10 No Just In Memories

11 Reggae Greetings

12 Jah Will

13 Code Red (Wi Tired)

14 Reload Dub

15 No Mediocre Dub

16 Reload Nyabinghi Dub


Vinyl Album Tracklisting:


01 Reggae Greetings

02 Rolling Stone

03 No Mediocre Vibe

04 Sunshine In My Eyes


05 Another Bram Bram

06 Reload

07 Not Just In Memories

08 Danger Zone




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