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Grandpa Elliott has been playing on the streets of New Orleans since he was six years old and it is time for his music and passion to meet the masses.  Playing For Change recorded his album, Sugar Sweet, throughout the 2009 Playing For Change Band North American Tour.  It all started one evening at a barbecue when he began tapping his foot, slapping his hand against his knee and singing, “Your lips is so dog gone sweet to me, baby I’m afraid, if you kissed the ocean it would turn to lemonade…" I remember thinking we could not get to a studio fast enough!!

I love this man with all my heart for his soul, sweet voice and power of conviction.  He performs each song as if it was his last and puts every ounce of his giant heart into every note.  Check out the album, support a great performer, and let’s teach the world that some of the best music we have ever heard comes from the streets!!!  From the people, for the people.

One Love,
Mark Johnson


Track Listing:
1. Ain't Nothing You Can Do
2. Medley: This Little Light of Mine
3. Sugar Is Sweet
4. Baby, What You Want Me to Do
5. We're Gonna Make It
6. Share Your Love With Me
7. Another Saturday Night
8. Fannie Mae (feat. Playing for Change Band) [Live]
9. Please Come Home for Christmas

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