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About the Playing For Change Foundation

Playing For Change Foundation grew out of a common belief that music has the power to connect people regardless of their differences. Founded in 2007, PFCF was established to create positive change through music and arts education. 

Their work engages marginalized youth in diverse communities around the world, primarily located in low and lower-middle income countries. These communities are home to great cultural wealth, which PFCF uses to create educational and social opportunities.   

They currently operate 15 music programs in 11 countries, and have positively impacted more than 40,000 lives since 2007, including more than 3,000 youth through regular programming in 2019. Employing more than 200 staff, teachers, and community leaders locally across program locations, including: Mali, Morocco, Ghana, Rwanda, South Africa, Nepal, Bangladesh, Thailand, Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina. Each program serves anywhere from 50 - 900 children. PFCF was honored to be named a Polar Music Prize winner in 2019.

Science has shown that learning music benefits people on many different levels. From enhancing cognitive capacities for children, teens and adults to helping memory, literacy, creativity, self confidence and collaboration skills, the power of music has already been demonstrated by hundreds of scientific studies.

One of PFCF's main goals is to provide the communities we serve the opportunity for economic and social development, through the educational and artistic activities that we develop. In order to foster sustainability, both locally and globally, we strive to establish valuable partnerships and collaborate with other organizations.

PFCF's work also extends beyond music and arts education as we support essential needs for the communities we serve by providing emergency supplies, medical care or humanitarian support.

If you’d like to find out more about their work, please visit their website.

How to support the Playing For Change Foundation

Purchasing through the PFC Shop is one way of supporting our work since 20% of its profit goes directly to the foundation. 

Also, when placing your order at the PFC Shop you have the option to add a TIP to your order, which is going directly towards specific needs of the different school programs managed by the PFC Foundation.

If you’d rather donate directly to the foundation, you can find various ways to donate here.

We sincerely thank you for supporting our mission!