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Donavan Cunningham aka I-Taweh is a well-experienced reggae live and studio musician who has recorded at several renowned studios in Jamaica and in the US and who has played live around the world for a long list of artists, among others for Capleton, Anthony B and Tanya Stephens, just to name a few. As an established guitarist, he is also known as Danny Gitz, but his instrumental skills are not at all limited to this instrument.

I-Taweh out of St Ann's parish Jamaica, now resident in California, spent 17 years playing guitar and bass with marquee reggae acts like Sugar MinottMystic Revelation of Rastafari and Everton Blender. But all the while he was crafting his own songs and snatching some recording time here and there on the road. Following a spell in hospital in 2008, he decided to seize the day and assemble his first solo album. In an almost fairytale denouement to his story so far this self-released old-school roots record, of the kind received wisdom says only appeals in Europe, hit number one on Richie B's Jamaican reggae album countdown. 'Overload' was officially re-launched in Jamaica last week - nearly a year after its original release.




01. Runaway

02. The Prayer (Deliver Me)

03. Jah Bless

04. Live Graceful

05. Freedom Fight (Holy War)

06. Braveheart

07. Rise And Shine

08. Long Road

09. M.A.D.

10. Babylon Bridge

11. Now

12. Overload

13. Overload (Nyahbinghi Version)


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