Peace Symbol Mala Bead Half Size Necklace | Natural red accent beads

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About this product

Hand-carved Yak Bone Mala Bead Necklace depicting the PFC logo with red beaded accents. Mala beads can be used in any religion or spiritual tradition. Nine is considered a sacred number and common denominator in mala prayer beads. This custom design is half size at 54 beads in length.

The mala design is a fusion of ethnic traditional cultures from around the Himalaya and are generally used for meditation, ritual, spirituality and fashion. When red-accented beads are used in malas it's believed meditating on the color transforms the delusion of attachment into the wisdom of discernment. 

Whether you are selecting for yourself or as a gracious gift for someone else, Malas are often used as an empowering meditation tool for intentions. Daily use reminds us to focus on what we want or need to manifest. They can be used on a stressful day for calming.

Your purchase directly assists in the day to day lives of these Nepali artisans and aids in preserving and expanding their unique, rich heritage and culture. The mala is adjustable from 12 - 16 inches in length. 

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